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At Design Landscapes ‘Leading by Example…’ remains as fundamental today as it was in 1988.


Shored by more than two decades of experience, the company has grown to become internationally respected, servicing projects in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and China.


And whilst we realise every project presents a new challenge, our commitment will always remain the same; to adapt and value engineer to our client’s needs. This, underpinned by an overriding emphasis on quality, is today no better reflected than in the breadth of awards now accredited to the Design Landscapes’ name.



National Awards:

Korean War Memorial - 2011 - Commercial Construction up to $500,000

Olympic Public Domain - 2000 - Commercial Construction of the Year 

Olympic Public Domain - 2000 - Landscape Construction of the Year


State Awards (NSW & ACT):

Bunya Estate - 2012 - Landscape Construction of the Year

Kamay Botany Bay National Park - 2011 - Landscape Construction of the Year

Sir Moses Monefiore Home - 2007Landscape Construction of the Year

Olympic Boulevard - 1999 - Landscape Construction of the Year

Pyrmont Bay Park, Stage 2 - 1997Landscape Construction of the Year


Most Recent:

The Ponds - 2014 - Commercial Sustainable Landscapes

Cronulla Esplanade - 2014 - Commercial Civil over $1,000,000

Carrington Walk - 2014 - Commercial Civil under $1,000,000

Pod Playground - 2014 - Excellence in Public Domain Landscapes (MBA ACT)


Additionally, we are proud recipients of a further fifteen Excellence in Construction Category awards.

As we diversify, the desire to keep our most loyal clients updated is growing. To keep up to date on Design Landscapes' achievements within the industry, watch below or follow us on LinkedIn


- "Design Landscapes is proud to announce the award of a 12-month contract for the comprehensive maintenance of our recently constructed Water Feature at Centenary Square. The scope is not limited only to water quality testing but incorporates on-going remote monitoring and maintenance of all control systems and equipment, adjustments to running schedules and coordination of programming and implementation of new water jet sequences. To see more, click here."


- "In early November, some of the DL Crew had the opportunity to show off their touch footy skills in order to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. A big thank you to the event organisers Judd Harris and congratulations to the DL Bobcat's for coming 2nd in the Plate Contest! Click here for more photos of the event."


- "Testament to our teams phenomenal effort, one of last week's scorchers saw our recently completed update of Centenary Square getting some serious love. To see more, click here. For an overview of the project, click here

Polices are statements that form part of the Design Landscapes compliance framework and are designed to influence and determine corporate decisions and actions. Our current policies are as follows:

  • POL.01.Anti-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  • POL.02.Asbestos Management Policy
  • POL.03.Child Protection (Prohibited Employment Act) Policy
  • POL.04.Code of Conduct Policy
  • POL.05.Company Property Policy
  • POL.06.Credit Card Policy
  • POL.07.Disclosure of Personal Information Policy
  • POL.08.Distant and Short Term Interstate Deployment Policy
  • POL.09.Dress Policy
  • POL.10.Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • POL.11.Equipment Maintenance Policy
  • POL.12.Fatigue Policy
  • POL.13.Hazardous Chemicals Policy
  • POL.14.Health Information Collection Policy
  • POL.15.Induction Policy
  • POL.16.Internet Email and Computer Use Policy
  • POL.17.Leave Policy
  • POL.18.Leave Without Pay Policy
  • POL.19.Lone Worker Policy
  • POL.20.Manual Handling and Lifting Policy
  • POL.21.Mobile Phone Policy
  • POL.22.Motor Vehicle Policy
  • POL.23.No Smoking Policy
  • POL.24.Noise Control Policy
  • POL.25.Parental Leave Policy
  • POL.26.Performance and Misconduct Policy
  • POL.27.Personal Grievance Policy
  • POL.28.Probation Policy
  • POL.29.Recruitment and Selection Policy
  • POL.30.Rehabilitation (Injury Management and Return to Work) Policy
  • POL.31.Sexual Harassment Policy
  • POL.32.Staff Learning and Development Policy
  • POL.33.Teleworking Policy
  • POL.34.Violence and Bullying in Workplace Policy
  • POL.35.Waste Minimisation and Management Policy
  • POL.36.Water Management Policy
  • POL.37.Workers Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  • POL.38.Workplace Employment Policy
  • POL.39.Combined Policies
    • Work Health and Safety Policy
    • Quality Policy
    • Environmental Policy
  • POL.40.Attendance and Absenteeism Policy 

If you would like to download our Combined Policies, click here